WildStar Going Offline on November 28 Due to Carbine Studios Closure

NCSoft and Carbine Studios revealed that their PC MMO WildStar will be shuttered on November 28 and released a very user-friendly final update.

Earlier this month, we learned that NCSoft was closing down Carbine Studios as they couldn’t get another project off the ground. This also meant that NCSoft would be shutting down their only game, WildStar, though we didn’t know when at the time of the studio closure. The developers recently took to the game’s blog, thanking players for their support and also revealing that WildStar will go offline on November 28.

It’s always disappointing to see online games shut down, and it’s even worse when it’s because people lost their jobs. That being said, the developers are looking out for the community in WildStar’s final days. It was already said that refunds would be given to those who purchased in-game items after July 1, but the developers have confirmed that those refunds will be processed by October 3. People will also be refunded if they purchased Signature Memberships that haven’t expired by September 26.

Unused C.R.E.D.D that players have in the game will also be converted into NCoin, another currency that publisher NCSoft uses in many of their games. Yesterday, the developers released WildStar’s final update. It’s very user-friendly and makes many items and important drops easier to come by or obtain. You can check out the full list of patch notes, but here is a list of the biggest changes that have come to WildStar:

  • Any Protobucks you have will be converted to Omnibits at a 1:1 conversion.
  • Omnibit drops are being increased.
  • The Omnibit cap has been raised substantially.
  • All in-game store items will be purchasable with Omnibits.
  • All seasonal store items and rotating costumes/mounts will be available on the store.
  • All Signature Station items will be available on the regular store.
  • Everyone will receive Signature status.
  • Gear drops from Prime instances and raids have had their base ilevel increased higher than they normally would be.
  • Primal Essence gain rates are being substantially increased.
  • Select endgame reputations can be maxed out, letting you access everything the faction vendors have to offer.

They will also be hosting several seasonal events in the span of just two months in order to make up for the game shutting down. You can see the full list of events below:

September 26–November 28

  • Double XP, Glory Days, Power Prestige and PvP, and Blessing of Essence will be on from now until shutdown.

October 12–19

October 19–November 2

November 9–23

November 24–27

November 28

  • Join us in-game for the final few hours as we have some fun. More details to come!

While it is disappointing that WildStar is shutting down sooner than expected, at least the remaining developers are going out of their way to make the game is as fun as possible for those still playing in its last two months. A lot of games don’t get that. Once again, DualShockers’ thoughts and best go out to the former developers and staff at Carbine Studios.

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