Wildstar Gets a Bonus Beta Weekend and New Features; Level Cap Raised to 25

The upcoming MMO Wildstar has been having beta weekends for some time now. These usually happen every other weekend and one was recently held this past weekend. The next one was due to happen on May 2 but since the folks at Carbine Studios are nice, they decided to not only have a bonus one this weekend but also to raise the level cap and introduce some new features.

The new features included with the level cap extension are:

  • New Adventure – Northern Wilds Adventure is a MOBA style group content experience for you and four of your buddies. Take over the whole map and destroy the enemy base to win, but watch out for the defending faction… they’ll viciously fight to win so come prepared to kick ass.
  • Whitevale – The Dominion version of Alcatraz, Invading Alien scientists (…that dissect anything that moves), and a sunken ship filled with treasure hungry Marauders are waiting for your arrival. Oh… and a nuclear teraformer explosion has unleashed brain controlling squid on the Exile and Dominion military forces. No big deal.
  • Hoverboards – Like hoverboarding? Duh. Of course you do. Get your hoverboard at a mount vendor in the capital city!
  • Abilities and AMPs – Get new abilities to put in your Limited Action Set so you can continue to customize the way you destroy baddies, and unlock more perks in our AMP system.
  •  Unlock more clues to the history of the Eldan – Where did this hyper-advanced race go? What kind of technology and secrets are out there? Where can you get a solid space fish taco on Nexus? Get out there and find out, Spanky.

The beta will run from April 25 at 7am PST to April 27 at 11:59pm PST. To access this beta, players must either pre-order the game or already have signed up for the beta through Carbine Studios. Those who’ve pre-ordered it will get access to this and all upcoming beta weekends as well.

Lastly, each day that players log into the game between now and launch, their accounts will get three bonus Boom Boxes at launch. The Boom Boxes can be used once per day to get random stuff like XP buffs, unique runes, weapons, housing items, unique costumes, mounts and more. Additional information about the Boom Boxes can be found here.

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