Wildstar Is Giving Players a Maximum Level Character for Free

In hopes of bringing both players new and old together for the release of its new update, Carbine Studios is giving each player one free WildStar character at level 50.

on March 6, 2017 8:33 PM

With WildStar’s big new update, Power of the Primal Matrix, set to release on March 8, Carbine Studios has announced that it is offering players the opportunity to create a character that starts at level 50 for free, along with all of the gear that would come with such a veteran.

Those who are interested in taking advantage of this offer need only log into the game one time between March 8 through March 12 and select the character creator option. If you’re new to WildStar and aren’t quite sure where to begin with your level 50 character, the WildStar forums have a guide that should help you out.

WildStar is a free-to-play MMO in which players confront the sci-fi/fantasy wonders of planet Nexus. Power of the Primal Matrix is a free update to the game that features an expansive addition for players to continue upgrading their characters who have already reached level cap 50.

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