Wildstar Will have its Open Beta and a Developer State of the Game Livestream Later this Week

Wildstar Will have its Open Beta and a Developer State of the Game Livestream Later this Week

The release of Wildstar is nearly here and the team at Carbine Studios is revving things up for its release. Later this week on May 8 they will run an open beta which will last until May 18. There will also be a 30 minute livestream with the creative team.

Previous open beta weekends only allowed people to level up so much. With this extended 10 day beta, players will be able to play for longer and reach the newly raised level cap of 30. Playing as a higher level character is different than playing as a lower level one so now players will get to experience some of the things available when they reach higher levels.

The livestream will feature product director Mike Donatelli, creative director Chad Moore, producer and voice of DevSpeak Stephen Frost, and development director Matt Mocarski. They will talk about Wildstar‘s current progress and how they hope to change the MMO landscape with the game. They’ll also answer questions that they regularly get.

There is an additional six-hour livestream happening on Friday which will talk about the challenges the team faced with bringing the game to life, a play-by-play of some raids and Warplot activity, a look at some higher level open beta content and maybe some post launch content. There will also be a “massive” AMA where they will field questions from every social media outlet under the sun (Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Forums, Twitch, Vine ect).

To learn more about the open beta event follow this link here.

Wildstar will be released for the PC on June 3. The open beta goes live on May 8. The Thursday livestream is happening on Wildstar’s TwitchTV channel at 11am PT. The Friday livestream is also on their TwitchTV channel at 11am PT.