Why Did CSGO Pro Olofmeister Leave FaZe – Will He Retire Now?

Why Did CSGO Pro Olofmeister Leave FaZe – Will He Retire Now?

Counter-Strike professional Olofmeister has ended his three-year run with FaZe clan.

Olofmeister has ended his run with FaZe Clan. The official Twitter account of FaZe Clan sent their farewell wishes to professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. The clan thanked Olofmeister for everything he did for FaZe, and called him a ‘legend’ in the game. This has lead people to question “will Olofmeister retire?”

Olofmeister left after losing to Natus Vincere in the CS:GO BLAST Spring Groups 2021. Olofmeister said on Twitter that it was not the ending he wanted, but qualifying was the most important part. The professional CS:GO player had been under the FaZe banner for over three years and is a long time veteran within the community.

What Does This Mean For FaZe?

The popular organisation will look to be replacing Olofmeister before their next CS:GO tournament.

The departure of Olofmeister is not the only change the team is seeing. February 15, 2021 marked the return of Finn Anderson, better known as “Karrigan“. The Danish CS:GO pro had previously left FaZe Clan back in 2019 and joined Mousesports. After mixed results with the team, Karrigan transferred back to FaZe after his contract expired in February of 2021.

Olofmeister had previously stepped down from playing CS:GO professionally in May of 2020. Rumours began circulating that FaZe was targeting 17-year-old Aurimas Pipiras from Lithuania. The young CS:GO prodigy currently plays for mousesports.  After Olofmeister’s potential retirement, could FaZe be looking to officially sign the young up-and-comer?

Will Olofmeister retire for good?

The 29-year old CS:GO professional has had a successful career in e-sports. Before Olofmeister’s time ended with FaZe, his career included working with names such as Fnatic, and H2K. Olofmeister then went on to sign with his most recent team in 2017.

Many fans are curious to know if this will be the last we see of Olofmeister. After retiring previously in 2016 due to a repetitive strain injury in his hand, could this be a similar situation?

According to Olofmesiter, he refutes claims he is retiring for good and insists he is still weighing his options. However, reports surrounding a permanent retirement came to light after FaZe Clans leader Marcelo David said:

“The next step will be to replace Olofmeister, who will end his career. He doesn’t want to play Counter-Strike anymore.”

FaZe Clan still retains Olofmeister’s contract. The organisation has reportedly moved him to the sidelines, however, instead of outright letting the veteran go.

When Is The Next CS:GO Tournament?

FaZe Clan currently has no scheduled matches. February 15, 2021 marked the end of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2021 tournament. FaZe placed 4th/6th after losing out to winners Natus Vincere.