Will Saints Row V “Continue in A Different Direction?”

Will Saints Row V “Continue in A Different Direction?”

If you’ve played any of the Saints Row franchise, or if you’ve seen DualShockers’ Saints Row IV E3 preview, then you know that the series is pretty insane. Guns that can summon sharks from concrete streets, dubstep enemies to death, or create black holes; missions that involve killing scores of enemies on ground, in penthouses, and thousands of feet high in the air; and characters like Professor Genki, a murderous cat-man who hosts his own Running Man-like murder competition. There’s probably no other game as “out there” as Saints Row.

But according to Game Reactor, that may all be about to change.

Speaking to Saints Row IV‘s design director, Scott Phillips, they were told:

“We’re definitely considering Saints Row IV sort of the end of that saga of this character and the Saints as they are. So if there’s any more future Saints Rows – which you know we always hope there will be, we hope there’s fans for future games like that – they will probably continue in a different direction.”

It’s not much to go on: what do you think it could mean? Let us know in the comments below, and for more news, check out all of our DualShockers Saints Row coverage.