Will Sony’s Xperia Z Design Language Make Its Way to PS4? One Can Only Hope

Will Sony’s Xperia Z Design Language Make Its Way to PS4? One Can Only Hope

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we all do it. I especially do it when buying new toys — taking factors such as design into question whenever I purchase any of my own gadgets, only making concessions when purchasing video game hardware. That’s because, with video game consoles, sure,  you’ll eventually get your special editions and color variants later on after launch, but for the most part — especially at first — it’s a take what you can get situation. While I don’t mind showing off gems in my game collection, the hardware itself is usually tucked away since it’s not much to write home about considering that console hardware designs usually suck. But, perhaps Sony can change that this year.

Now, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but other than their gaming division, Sony is pulling all the stops with their refocus on mobile. This year at CES, Sony unveiled the Xperia Z, a flagship Android smartphone set to go toe to toe with the Galaxy line from Samsung, and even the iPhone from Apple. From what I’ve seen of it, the Xperia Z is easily the sexiest combination of industrial-style design and straight lines sandwiched between two seamless slabs of gorilla glass that I have ever seen on a smarphone. Period. And the specs, well, they’re pretty high end, and, when coupled with the Xperia Z design, the device simply screams classic Sony.

And they didn’t stop there.


On January 20th, Sony unveiled plans for its Xperia Z Tablet, which, again, is bringing the same sexiness from the Xperia Z to a 10.1″ slate that comes in thinner than Apple’s iPad Mini (crazy thin). Just like its smartphone counterpart, it shares the same design language of clean lines, industrial-style design, and edge to edge glass on both sides. Again, we’re looking at even more classic Sony, and it seems as though there’s a message coming across. That message is clear: get ready for some beautiful hardware.

With that in mind, Sony Mobile isn’t the only department getting a revamp this year, as it’s anticipated that Sony will take take the wraps off of its upcoming PlayStation 4 (or Orbis, or whatever it will be called) before E3 of this year. But, now that I’m seeing all of this gorgeous hardware from Sony Mobile, one can only hope that it’s part of a similar design story being told with the upcoming console.

Obviously, whatever the name of the successor to the PlayStation 3, it’s going to function as a video game console first and foremost. That will always take precedence for me, regardless of what the device actually looks like. Now, I’m not saying that it needs to be dust proof or water resistant like the devices from Sony Mobile (although that would be both awesome and unnecessary), but if Sony can keep that design language alive and across its entire portfolio in 2013, including their follow up to the PlayStation 3, it will easily become the first console that I show off in my setup with pride.