Will the XBOX 360 Successor Simply be Named 'XBOX'?

If you’re familiar with the goings on at Microsoft, then I’m sure you’ve heard a little something about Windows 8. It’s a new direction for the company and something that Microsoft hopes will bring true convergence to their products and services across every category. The XBOX brand is playing a major role in this company-wide transformation, and I think that a minor (unannounced) update made on their Windows Phone platform today may revel some small yet significant info about the XBOX brand moving forward.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has featured an ‘XBOX LIVE’ app since it’s inception. And since then, it’s been emblazoned with the XBOX LIVE colors and a logo that we’ve all become familiar with. Just today, the phone app not only dropped ‘LIVE” from it’s name, its also launched a refreshed silver colored logo, one that simply reads ‘XBOX’.

This week, Microsoft unveiled it’s official plans for Xbox Music; a Spotify-esque music streaming service set to replace their Zune service. It’s Microsoft’s way to help tie together the experience of their products and services with their upcoming launch of Windows 8; their latest operating system which will have it’s official unveiling at the end of the month.

With that in mind, it’s quite intriguing that the XBOX LIVE app is getting a refresh around the same time that these other significant company changes and product launches are happening.

For those of you that think it would be a silly move for the next XBOX to go against the grain and not have a numerical successor to the 360, I hate to break it to you but ‘XBOX 720’ and ‘XBOX 8’ doesn’t really sound that much better than the alternative I’m suggesting here. Also, keep in mind that the XBOX brand has (arguably) been the best product Microsoft has put out in the last 10 years, and company executives have been quoted time and time again saying that it is the XBOX brand is what will “lead the way” for the company moving forward.

Why muddle up that brand name with any stupid numbers?

Remember, earlier this year, Apple followed up the immensely successful iPad 2 with simply ‘the new iPad’. Don’t be surprised if at next year’s E3, we simply get the new “XBOX.”




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