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Will Wilson Fisk Return As The Kingpin In Hawkeye TV Show?

The show has been teasing his return for quite some time!

December 1, 2021

Hawkeye Episode 3 is finally out now hinting at the possible return of Wilson Fisk as the Kingpin in the Marvel TV show.

The latest episode which is now streaming on Disney Plus contains even more references teasing the impending arrival of the Kingpin. Now it remains to be seen as to who’d play the character and whether he would be shown as both aliases, that is, Wilson Fisk and the Kingpin — one of the well-known villains in the Marvel world.

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Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye | Official Trailer | Disney+

Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye | Official Trailer | Disney+

3 Clues Teasing Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin’s Return in Hawkeye

There are several mentions of ‘Uncle’ in Marvel’s Hawkeye show. This is merely speculation at this point but he is Wilson Fisk in all likelihood. Here are all the clues:

1. Wilson Fisk’s Hotel

Not sure how many of you noticed it but in Hawkeye Episode 1, the swanky New York hotel where the gala is hosted is the same location as the one used by Kingpin in the Daredevil series.

We know that Wilson Fisk uses the penthouse suite of the Presidential Hotel to set up a front for his criminal organization. He used the establishment to leak the names of other criminals while working with the FBI for his own motives.


It could be a mere coincidence where they reused the shooting location or it could just be a hidden easter egg marking Wilson Fisk’s arrival in Hawkeye!

2. The ‘Uncle’ Shown In Maya Lopez’s Childhood

In Hawkeye episode 3, we get to see Echo aka Maya Lopez‘s childhood. There’s a scene where her father says, “Uncle will take you home after class.” After that, we see a man in a black suit (whose face is not revealed) meeting Maya. We only see him pulling Maya’s cheek playfully and chuckling and she also seems to recognize the man suggesting he is someone close to his father.

We already know from Marvel comics that Maya’s father used to work for the Kingpin who is also known as Wilson Fisk. So this is one major hint.

3. Tracksuit Mafia Guy Mentioning ‘Uncle’

The mysterious ‘Uncle’ is mentioned by a member of Tracksuit Mafia whose name is Kazi. He expresses his concern to Maya saying that Uncle won’t be happy with the damages caused by chasing Ronin.

It’s pretty clear that the Uncle suggested in these scenes is the actual boss of the Tracksuit Mafia who operates it from the shadows. And our best guess is that he is none other than Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin but we shall have to wait for more episodes to find out.

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