WILL: A Wonderful World Releases on Nintendo Switch this October

WILL: A Wonderful World, by developers Circle Entertainment, will release on the Nintendo Switch in October although no further date has been provided

on September 6, 2018 12:04 PM

Circle Entertainment has announced that WILL: A Wonderful World, which had previously been well received by players on PC, is now on its way for an October release on the Switch.

In the gameplay of WILL: A Wonderful World, you play with a multitude of separate stories by altering specific parts within them and then doing so again to follow an alternative path. Apparently, by doing this, you are affecting the story itself as you review and then edit letters, solve puzzles and engage yourself in the varied outcome of the cast.

With the potential to change the outcome of humankind, you find yourself emerging into an in-depth story and discover those who need your help, but by doing so, it will change characters destiny, even if they aren’t connected. Sounds quite confusing, but intriguing!

Features you will discover in WILL: A Wonderful World:

  • Redesigned to perfectly tell the tale on Nintendo Switch.
  • Receive letters from people seeking help. Investigate their situations and alter their fate.
  • The stories of the characters are gradually revealed to you in the letters they wrote. From these letters, you will learn about their lives and help solve their problems.
  • Be sure to consider all the details before making decisions; the fates of the characters depend on this. Life is full of surprises. Sometimes, thinking outside the box could uncover beautiful hidden gems. Be bold, be brave, and create the best memories together with our heroes!
  • Progress through the game and also learn more about the two gods, the mysterious girl, and her companion.
  • Enjoy punchy music and beautifully drawn stills and animations.

WILL: A Wonderful World is targeting a release on Nintendo Switch in October, but stay tuned for a further release date announcement. Check out some screenshots for WILL: A Wonderful World on the Switch below:

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