Win A Spooky Dinner With Neil Gaiman By Helping Him Make A Video Game

July 25, 2013

Fans of the longlasting and cherished graphic novel series Sandman, and novels like Coraline, Neverwhere, and American Gods, rejoice: you can finally win a sppoky, spooky dinner with Neil Gaiman–in L.A.–that is, if you help Neil Gaiman make a video game.

Longtime horror and fantasy novelist Neil Gaiman is finally returning to the world of video games (he’s worked on several projects in the past that ultimately never panned out), this time to make Wayward Manor, a story about a ghost, and his house, and the humans he’s trying to kick out of it.

Taking place in a gothic New England estate, the story is said to run from the 1920s, all the way to the not-so-distant future. Working with game studio The Odd Gentleman and publisher Moon Shark, Wayward Manor came from an idea Gaiman had about a man whose been living in his house for well over two centuries, and that a relationship like that was something people “could get involved in.”


You can check out the pitch below, where Neil Gaiman introduces you to the Wayward Manor website, “Who Haunts Neil,” a site where interested fans can crowdfund the game, preorder it, and learn more details. To have dinner with Neil Gaiman, prospective supporters will have to contribute $10,000 and provide their own travel and accomodation to The Magic Castle in L.A.; for that much money, you’re pretty much paying for everything anyway, and could probably just fly Neil to you and buy your “spooky” decorations.

Wayward Manor is set to release to the PC, Mac and tablet devices later this year in December. For a closer look at the game, check out the trailer and screengrabs below.



Source: Mashable

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