Windjammers 2 Officially Delayed To 2021 as Dotemu Works Out the Kinks

Windjammers 2 Officially Delayed To 2021 as Dotemu Works Out the Kinks

Windjammers 2 has officially been delayed to 2021. This gives the developer Dotemu more time to make sure the multiplayer is up to snuff.

Windjammers 2 was set to launch on Nintendo Switch and PC  sometime in 2020. However, with the year quickly ending, developer Dotemu announced today that they’re delaying the game again. Now, fans of the bonkers take on Pong will have to wait until sometime in 2021 to get their fix. As you’ll see below, the delay is for very good reasons. Essentially, if you want the best version of the game possible, this announcement is, in many ways, good news. See the full statement below.

Fans will remember that Windjammers 2 was part of the Steam Summer Festival this year. That means the game was finally publically playable for the first time. And, with so many members of the public hopping in, Dotemu received tons of feedback about the game. From the statement, it seems quite a bit of that was focused on online play. Considering how multiplayer-focused the sports game is, getting that right is of utmost importance.

To that end, the team is making this delay with a plan to do just that. Had the game shipped this year with poor online play, it would’ve only been a disappointment. Now, fans will hopefully have the high-quality modes the game needs. After all, this is the sequel to freaking Windjammers we’re talking about here. I’m happy to give them the time they need.

Windjammers 2 will launch sometime in 2021 for Nintendo Switch and PC. Of course, while you wait the original game is available on Nintendo Switch and PS4. It’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t given it a whirl before.