Windjammers 2 Demo Drops Tomorrow via the Steam Game Fest

Windjammers 2 brings its brand of radical, Pong-like gameplay to the Steam Game Festival tomorrow.

Dotemu’s upcoming sequel to the Neo Geo classic Windjammers continues to look rad as hell. If you’ve never seen, the game plays kind of like Pong dripping with tubular, 80s style. Soon, you’ll be able to check it all out for yourself. Starting on June 16, the Windjammers 2 demo goes live on Steam as part of the Steam Game Festival. Give the announcement a watch below.

Windjammers 2 is one of my most-anticipated games of 2020. The first game is ridiculously fun, especially if you have a solid group to play with. And, the French scene for the game is incredibly strong. That might seem like a weird sentence to toss in, but Dotemu is a French company. So, if I trust anyone to make a great follow-up, it’s them.

As you can see in the trailer above, Windjammers 2 features tons of new power moves. Given that the team worked closely with the Windjammers France group, I can’t wait to see the wild moves in action. They are sure to be devastating.

Tomorrow looks to be a fun one for gamers stuck at home looking for something to play. The Steam Game Festival is sure to be full of great new demos to check out. When they did it at The Game Awards, there were some real gems to try out. Considering, this one is for E3, I would expect them to go all out.

Either way, you’ll have your hands on Windjammers 2 tomorrow. Even if, for whatever reason, nothing else comes with the event, we’ll still be able to toss some discs.

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