Windjammers PS4 Closed Beta Announced; Coming June 8th

Windjammers PS4 Closed Beta Announced; Coming June 8th

You know how I know 2017 is and will continue to be a good year? Windjammers. And do you know how I know June is set to be the best month so far this year? Windjammers.

That’s right, today, DotEmu announced that a Windjammers PS4 closed beta is coming on June 8th, and will run until June 12th. There is no mention of the beta hitting the game’s other platform: PS Vita.

For those that don’t know: Windjammers is  the “original flying disc game” or a sports arcade game released back in 1994 by Data East for the Neo Geo arcade system.

The game features six courts, and six characters you can choose from, each with their own speed/power settings, nationality, and special throw. Further — and key to the gameplay — are the different types of throws: Normal Throw, Toss Up, Curve Throw, Power Throw, Special Throw, Power Toss Up, and Counter.

Look at this way, it was the Rocket League of the 90’s. Actually, not quite, it was rather niche, but it should have been.

The remaster will notably boast five different game modes, online versus mode for the first time — including trophies and leaderboard —  along with several unique characters and environments.

You can register for the beta here. A new video accompanying the beta announcement — featuring WWE Superstar Xavier Woods — has also been released: you can check it out below.

Windjammers is set to release sometime in 2017.