Windows Making Xbox Games Available On Phones

Windows Making Xbox Games Available On Phones

In what is likely a response to Sony’s Vita/PS3 compatibility and Nintendo’s Wii U system, Microsoft will be making certain Xbox 360 games available for smartphones and Windows 8 tablets.

They haven’t said anything about what games will be offered, but the phrasing makes it seem like it will only work with certain games designed to work on phones/tablets. The compatibility also includes the ability to use your phone or Windows 8 tablet as a controller for games on your 360, as well as another feature that seems like cloud storage of save data, allowing “players to continue console games on their phones”.

It’s a surprising move from Microsoft, but they’ve been showing off their Windows Phone stuff for a while (as well as the Xbox Live features of that phone), so I guess they want to strengthen that platform (because it doesn’t have much going for it in comparison to Android/iOS at this point) through tying it into their console.

No word on a date for when this program is going to start, but I’d assume Microsoft will divulge more details soon.

I’m honestly not sure how well this will pan out, but this might be something that makes the Windows Phone a much more viable platform. I am worried about their reliance on consoles though; like the Vita, this seems like another “it’s a console game with a smaller screen” thing, with no real unique features that make it different.

It seems a bit too soon to think about that, considering how scarce details about this are, so stay posted for more information as Microsoft releases it.

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