How to Get The Windsong Lyre in Genshin Impact? Is The Windblume Festival Rerun Happening?

April 5, 2021

The Windblume Festival, the main attraction of Ver 1.4, is ending soon in Genshin Impact, and many players are wondering how to get the Windsong Lyre, and most notably, will it disappear forever once the Event ends? Here are the details.

How to get the Windsong Lyre in Genshin Impact?

First, you need to participate in the Festive Challenges “Bullseye Balloons,” “Floral Freefall,” and “Ballads of Breeze.” to earn Festive Tour Tickets and exchange them for the Windsong Lyre in the Event shop.

Note that you will not earn any Tickets if you play the Festival Challenges in co-op multiplayer mode. You need to complete them alone.

As I’m writing this, you still have until April 5, 4 AM ET on the North America server to earn enough points and buy the Lyre.

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Keep in mind that while the Festive Challenges minigames will be inaccessible past that time, the Event shop will stay open until April 12. So you’ll still be able to buy the Windsong Lyre as long as you earned enough Festive Tour Tickets.

How to get the Windsong Lyre after the 1.4 festival?

Right now, miHoYo did not mention that it’ll be possible to obtain the Windsong Lyre again once the event ends. However, it’s very likely a rerun of the Windblume Festival and its Festive Challenges will be happening at some point. If you’re lucky, this will take a few months.

However, seeing all the big Festival Events in Genshin so far are timed with Real Life events, such as how the Liyue Lantern Festival was timed with the Chinese New Year, it’s possible you won’t be able to obtain the Windsong Lyre until March 2022. So if you’re playing on the North America server, and still wondering how to get the Windsong Lyre, it’s now or never! You have a few hours left.

Genshin Impact is available on PS4, PC, and mobile. A PS5 version is coming soon. A switch version was also announced but with no release estimate at the moment.

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