Windtrace Genshin Impact: Why is it Similar to DBD? How to Play, Event Release Time

Genshin Impact - What You Should Know About Windtrace

After officially revealing the event at the Genshin Impact 1.5 Sneak Peek livestream, miHoYo now revealed new lore and gameplay details on Windtrace, the upcoming multiplayer event that’s very similar to Dbd, Dead by Daylight.

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Why Sony Hates Crossplay (But Allows it Anyway)
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Windtrace release time and schedule

miHoYo announced the Windtrace event will be held in Genshin Impact from May 14, 10 AM, to May 24, 03:59 AM (Server Time). If you’re playing on the America Genshin Impact server, it’s the same times in ET.

Windtrace will be playable for players with an AR above 10, as in whoever unlocked co-op multiplayer. Players will also need to have activated all Statues of the Seven in the area they want to play in.

Windtrace story and lore details

The Windtrace event will be started through a new NPC in Genshin Impact named Gygax, in Mondstadt. Inside the lore of Genshin Impact, Windtrace is a game popular in Mondstadt’s culture, retelling the Anemo region’s history, the rebellion against the nobles in particular, through a game.

Moreover, Windtrace is inspired from real life game Mafia, also called the Werewolf game, which originates from Russia. So perhaps in the world of Genshin Impact, the game is also popular in Snezhnaya. We’ll know more once the event starts in-game.

How to play Windtrace in Genshin Impact

The real Werewolf game basically works like this. You have two teams, the villagers, and the werewolves, who are fewer in numbers. The villagers need to unmask the werewolves to win, while the werewolves need to kill all the villagers and win once they reach numerical parity. Every day the werewolf can pick a villager player to kill and remove from the game, and all players then discuss to try to figure out who the werewolves are. Needless to say, the Werewolves will lie to hide their identities.

Windtrace will follow this concept, now popularized with Among Us, but with an action gameplay.

The players will also be split into two sides, the rebels, and the hunter, a single player. The rebels need to constantly move and hide from the rebel, and win once time runs out. Meanwhile, the Hunter wins if they capture everyone.

The Rebels also have Windward Arts, special skills to hide themselves, while the Hunter player also has their own skills to reveal the Rebels’ locations.

Moreover, during the minigame, Favors will also appear in the arena. Collecting these will allow players to use powerful super techniques. To get a better idea of how Windtrace works, you can watch gameplay from the 1.5 Sneak Peek livestream, at the 40:00 timestamp:

Windtrace Coins and rewards

The last thing to keep in mind are Windtrace Coins. Players will obtain Windtrace Coins by playing randomized Windtrace games using the online matching function. In other words, we won’t obtain Coins when playing with friends, as the matches could be fixed.

We’ll be able to exchange Windtrace Coins for rewards including Primogems, and there will also be Windtrace Challenges to obtain additional Mora rewards.

Lastly, the amount of Windtrace Coins we can carry is limited. On the first day of the event, we’ll be able to carry a maximum of 1200 Windtrace Coins. This cap will increase by 600 each day of the event, for a maximum of 4800 Windtrace Coins.

Why is Genshin Impact adding an event similar to Dead by Daylight?

As you’ve noticed, the Windtrace event will be quite similar to Dead by Daylight. Most notably in how it’s an asymmetrical online multiplayer game: The opposing sides, the Rebels and the Hunter, differ in numbers, goals, and abilities.

First off, it’s important to realize the mobile market is the biggest market in Asia. And multiplayer games like these are incredibly popular in Japan and Asia nowadays, with Dead by Daylight, but most notably Identity V, a similar game on mobile. Among Us is also very popular in Japan, and it’s far from being the first time a video game inspires itself from Werewolf, see Gnosia.

Seeing the Japanese-stylized and inspired Genshin Impact already had a mini-game similar to Fall Guys, it was only a matter of time till a Dead by Daylight mini-game like Windtrace was added.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, and Android.

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