Wing of Darkness Reveals Its Opening Movie and Q1 2020 Steam Release

Wing of Darkness Reveals Its Opening Movie and Q1 2020 Steam Release

HIgh-speed flight shooter Wing of Darkness' opening theme is sung by Kiyono Yasuno who voiced Kaname in Macross Delta.

Production Exabilities announced Wing of Darkness will be launching in Q1 2020 on PC via Steam, with its page on the platform now live. Wing of Darkness‘ opening animation sequence was revealed as well.

The opening theme song is titled “Eisen Flügel” and is sung by Wing of Darkness protagonist Klara Ernst, voiced by Kiyono Yasuno. She most notably voiced Sakura Kitaōji in Aikatsu and Kaname Buccaneer in Macross Delta. The composer is Junta (function 9) who also handled the game’s OST. The violin is by Ryoma (Ryoma Quartet). The chorus is the Wased University Gless Club. The lyrics are by Producer Hifumi Nara and Junta. Lastly, the opening video was edited by Akira. You can find the opening movie below.

Wing of Darkness is a high-speed flight action shooting game featuring cute girls piloting mecha. It’s also a Doujin game, as in, a Japanese indie game: Production Exabilities is a group made of professional developers that are all simultaneously working at separate companies.

Personally speaking, I’m quite happy we’ll be able to play the full game soon. Q1 2020 isn’t that big of a delay compared to the end of 2019 release we heard about a few months ago, You can learn more about Wing of Darkness by checking out the previous gameplay videos, trailers and info with our past coverage here and here.

Wing of Darkness will also be launching on PS4 at some point. The PS4 version doesn’t have a release estimate yet. It’ll probably launch a few weeks after the Steam release. This is only speculation on my part though.

Last but not least, we recently spoke with Wing of Darkness‘ producer Hifumi Nara, and we asked all the questions you might be wondering about. Stay tuned on DualShockers as we’ll publish the interview soon.