Winner: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon!

By Scott Lipowitz

December 21, 2011

Congratulations go to Jared Z for his winning entry for the copy Ace Combat: Assault Horizon for the Xbox 360!  Jared suggested Magic: The Gathering DLC Skins for the jets, which would be awesome, as half the reason Magic is known is for the amazing art often located on the cards.  To make things better, he suggested that the jet should channel the powers of the Hellkite Overlord, a dragon, in order to allow your plane to fire incendiary rounds to help burn up opponents when engaged in dogfights!

All the entries were awesome, some special shout outs go to Dean M. for his awesome Guile proposal, Edward D. who proposed a rather defensive tactic with his Illusive Man smokescreen and Thomas S. who used the very random Deadpool to boost a very random stat for the jets!  Thanks for all the entries everyone, and as always, keep an eye out for more contests!  Hit the jump to see what a Hellkite Overlord looks like!

Thanks again everyone!

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