WipEout Omega Collection for PS4 Receives Free VR Compatible Demo Tomorrow

WipEout Omega Collection for PS4 Receives Free VR Compatible Demo Tomorrow

A free VR compatible demo for the PS4 exclusive WipEout Omega Collection has been released on the PlayStation Store.

Sony Interactive Entertainment release the WipEout Omega Collection on PS4 almost a year ago before adding VR support earlier this year. A free VR-compatible demo for the collection will be released on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, so curious players can get a taste of the game before buying.

When it comes to gameplay content, this demo lets players use both the VR and regular versions of the Feisar ship for a race on one of two tracks. The WipEout HD race takes place on the winding Vineta K track, while the drop-filled Altima track from WipEout 2048 also makes an appearance in the demo.

As I mentioned before, this demo fully supports VR; it also features the PS4 Pro enhancements. PS4 Pro players will still be able to take advantage of both a 4K resolution and HDR. Meanwhile, VR players can choose between Lock Camera To Cockpit and Lock Camera To Pilot modes for the most comfortable experience.

WipEout Omega Collection is currently avaialble on PS4 with PlayStation VR support. If you want to see what DualShockers thinks about the collection, you can check out our review. If you want to help support the site, you can also pick up the game on Amazon.

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