WipEout Omega Collection Receives PlayStation VR Support Today in Free Update

The PlayStation VR update for WipEout Omega Collection on PS4 has finally arrived, boasting exclusive vehicles and full 3D audio.

WipEout Omega Collection initially released on PS4 last June, but a PlayStation VR compatible wasn’t announced until last December at PSX. Many racing game fans were eager to try out this fast-paced racing game in VR, and now they finally can through today’s free update.

According to the game’s developers on PlayStation Blog, entering this mode is very easy after downloading the update for free. Once players simply put on the PlayStation VR head set, the game will automatically zoom in to that perspective, with the menus putting players right by a racetrack.

VR support for WipEout Omega Collection also comes with some other embellish modes, the entirety of the game can be played from start to finish in VR, but PlayStation VR owners will also gain access to three exclusive ships in all of the included titles, and can play the game with full 3D audio.

Below, you can check out a launch trailer for this PlayStation VR update. WipEout Omega Collection is currently available exclusively on PS4. If you want to see DualShockers’ thoughts on the collection, you can check out our review. The PlayStation VR is getting a price drop soon, so now is probably a better time than ever to check it out.

Tomas Franzese

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