WipEout Omega Collection: New Vehicle Tigron K-VSR Unveiled

New WipEout Omega Collection vehicle, the Tigron K-VSR, revealed via new trailer and screenshots.

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed a new trailer for WipEout: Omega Collection (a remastered collection that includes Wipeout HD, Wipeout Fury, and Wipeout 2048 and that recently went gold) unveiling a new vehicle: the Tigron K-VSR.

As you may know, WipEout: Omega Collection is set to arrive on PS4 on June 6th, and with will be a full range of classic WipEout teams: Feisar, Auricom, Mirage, and Pirahana. Joining this classics will be the the Tigron K-VSR: a brand new vehicle for the remastered collection.

The following overview of the ship is provided:

The design philosophy of the Tigron K-VSR is ‘sheer brute force’. It eschews advanced tech and handling in favour of high speed and pure aggression.

The shape and layout of the craft consists of a central chassis and cockpit with two longer outer arms that have two design functions. They allow for aggressive ramming and shunting while keeping the central chassis and pilot safe from collisions. This design feature makes the ship very heavy, hindering its acceleration and handling but does work in its favor when it reaches higher speeds, turning it into a juggernaut.

Due to the size and weight of the craft, it needs a very large engine to push the ship to the desired speed. Having a pulse ram jet of this size proved to be highly unstable, so the design team got around this by using one large turbo pump that that feeds the thrust into four smaller chambers, allowing for a safer distribution of force and also giving it its distinctive ‘cluster thruster’ design.

The armour plating takes it cues from sloped armour; angled faces act like deflectors, causing kinetic energy penetrators like rockets and gun fire to glance off the plating and away from the centre of the craft.

WipEout: Omega Collection will cost $39.99 USD when it launches (you can read more about its details here). If you preorder the game you will notably receive a complimentary dynamic theme.

Below, you can check out the Tigron K-VSR via a newly release accompanying trailer or via a new batch of accompanying screenshots. Or you can check out both. The choice is yours.

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