WipEout Omega Collection Review -- A Beautiful Remaster that Lacks Anything New

The WipEout Omega Collection makes the futuristic racing series look better than ever before but unfortunately offers nothing new for returning fans to enjoy.



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The WipEout Omega Collection combines three games from the WipEout series — WipEout HD, WipEout HD Fury and WipEout 2048 — into one large package that culminates into a ton of content. The graphics look impressive and the gameplay is as fun as it ever was. Despite this, the Omega Collection feels relatively barren due to the lack of anything new included within the package.

To come clean up front, the WipEout Omega Collection serves as my first foray into the futuristic racing series. I have heard about the franchise my entire life but never actually played any of them myself until now. That said, the best thing I can say about this collection is that the games still play incredibly well in 2017.

The sense of speed and the high level of skill needed to master each track is a joy for someone new to the series like myself. If I am happy with the racing in the WipEout Omega Collection as a newcomer, then I can only imagine that returning fans will still appreciate it as well.

However, I do have a few gripes with the gameplay that I feel like should have been ironed out for this collection. Auto pilot mode — yes, I had to use it sometimes because I suck — often hindered me more than it helped me and left me turning directly into walls far too often.

Additionally, I feel like there’s a really bad balance in the way in which you receive items. For instance, if I’m in last place, it doesn’t help me out a whole lot to keep earning shield power-ups. If you fall behind too quickly early in the race, chances are that the items you receive won’t be able to help you catch up to those in front of you. Then again, maybe I just suck and I’m far too used to playing Mario Kart when it comes to item balancing.

Each of the three campaigns from WipEout HD, WipEout HD Fury, and WipEout 2048 are included in the Omega Collection and serve as the primary way to race solo. Lining up the three campaigns next to one another, you’ll find that there’s enough content to keep your busy for hours on end. In fact, as a newcomer to the series, I found it almost daunting when I realized how long I could play the Omega Collection and still never finish everything. Those who are true WipEout junkies will be pleased to know that this collection will keep you busy for quite a long time.

Perhaps what took me aback the most in my time with the Omega Collection was just how good this game looked. I was honestly not expecting the Omega Collection to look as great as it did when I first booted it up. I know that this is a remaster and all, but most remasters that I have played in the past haven’t looked as good as the Omega Collection does when I compare the remastered visuals to those of the original games. It’s also worth noting that I played WipEout Omega Collection on a standard PS4, so I can only imagine how much better each game will look utilizing PS4 Pro.

Going hand-in-hand with the gorgeous looking graphics is a new photo mode that you’ll soon find yourself tinkering with meticulously. While I do have some slight gripes with the way in which the photo mode itself functions, it’s still a lot of fun to play around with and snap some cool shots.

The last element that makes up a fantastic WipEout game is the music and WipEout Omega Collection has tons of tunes that will make you tap your foot in rhythm while playing. Of course, many classic tracks from previous games return, but that’s not a bad thing.

Again, as someone sinking their teeth into WipEout for the first time, I had no idea that the series had music that was this catchy. A few hours after a play session, I still had some of the songs stuck in my head. This soundtrack absolutely bumps.

The gameplay is still smooth and quick, the music will make you want to dance, and the racetracks look better than ever.

The main elements of any good WipEout game are all present in the Omega Collection. The gameplay is still smooth and quick, the music will make you want to dance, and the racetracks look better than ever. Despite this, I couldn’t help feeling disappointed that nothing else was included in the Omega Collection package.

As I dug around to find something new that may be included in this bundle besides the three games themselves, I found nothing. Maybe I shouldn’t be expecting new content in a collection of remastered games, but it seems like a missed opportunity to not include at least a handful of extras like concept art or maybe even a video or two talking about the franchise’s history with developers.

“it seems like a missed opportunity to not include at least a handful of extras”

Reviewing remastered games can be complicated because of this. For the most part, the remastered games in question tend to play the exact same as before (which can be good or bad) while the main changes tend to come on the graphical end of things. But shouldn’t we expect at least something new besides graphics and engine updates in these remasters? It doesn’t necessarily have to be new content associated with the game specifically, but some small new pieces of bonus content for the most hardcore of fans can go a long way. Unfortunately, none of those small additions that I think fans would love were included in WipEout Omega Collection.

I feel like it’s important to mention that in my time with WipEout Omega Collection, I wasn’t able to test out the game’s online functionality because servers haven’t been populated yet.

WipEout Omega Collection is a great bundle of racing games that still hold up quite well today.”

The WipEout Omega Collection is a great bundle of racing games that still hold up quite well today. Returning fans of the franchise will find that the racing is as good as it ever was, but may be disappointed with the lack of extras included. Newcomers who are interested in giving the series a shot will find WipEout to be unlike any other racing game currently on the market, which is oddly refreshing for a collection of old games. All in all, the WipEout Omega Collection does its job as a remaster bundle even if it does feel sparse with bonus content.

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