Wired’s Interview with Ninja Is as Weird as You’d Expect

Wired’s Interview with Ninja Is as Weird as You’d Expect

Ninja got asked some weird questions in Wired's recent Autocomplete Interview.

Wired pushed a new video live on December 26 which features Ninja being interviewed in the Wired Autocomplete Interview. For those that don’t know what that is, celebrities usually sit down in a bright white room and answer questions that are completed by Google’s autocomplete system. You can find the video below.

Ninja, now sporting bright pinky-red hair instead of his usual bluey-cyan hair sits down and spends ten minutes answering questions, some being questions you’ll probably have found yourself asking in the past. It doesn’t take long before hard-hitting revelations are exposed as Ninja confirms that he is in-fact Ninja’s evil twin. He confirms that the other Ninja died from Ligma, a fictional disease fabricated earlier this year.

Ninja also confirms in the interview that he is not a hacker, but then we all know that’s what a hacker would say. He also states that he does sometimes purchase Fortnite Battle Pass tiers. Sometimes buying all of the tiers and sometimes only buying a bundle up to tier 25 then earns the rest by earning XP.

According to Ninja, he doesn’t get paid by Fortnite’s Epic Games, but he does gain revenue when players use the Fortnite Support-A-Creator service which recently got permanently extended. He also confirms he uses a mechanical keyboard and an internal Elgato capture card and goes on to complain about external capture cards being tricky.

Part of the interview asks how long he has been playing Fortnite for, which he responds that he’s been playing it since October 2017, which in the grand scheme of things is actually fairly impressive. Especially if you think that Ninja has appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show, the cover of ESPN, is one of the biggest Fortnite streamers in the game, and is also set to do a live-stream from Times Square on New Years Eve.

Given his success, you’re probably wondering how much he makes in a year. Luckily a question pops up asking that. He confirms that the amount of money he makes in a year is “enough”. He also discusses how he ended up being friends with Drake which led to them both getting the highest viewed stream on Twitch earlier this year.

If you’re wondering, Ninja does not intend on getting himself banned from Fortnite anytime in the future. The video ends with him finally confirming the biggest, most anticipated question, being yes, he has moved house in his life. Three times in fact. As previously stated, you can find the video below and enjoy the hard-hitting questions being answered by Ninja himself.