Wishgranter Grants Your Dungeon Exploring Wishes on Steam Greenlight

Wishgranter Grants Your Dungeon Exploring Wishes on Steam Greenlight

If you’re looking for Zelda inspired dungeon crawler mixed with Dark Souls like difficulty, then maybe you should look towards Steam GreenlightWishgranter is a retro-inspired top-down action game that has strong roguelike tendencies. Developer RunWTheWolves is aiming to release the title for PC and is obviously hoping to get it on Steam’s distribution platform.

The game follows a nameless hero who, once fallen in battle, is now back from the dead. The mysterious Wishgranter has tasked this lost soul with collecting various relics of unknown origin and strength. And as all collectors of ancient artifacts know, the best place to store them is in monster infested dungeons below the Earth’s surface.

Not much else has been unveiled about the story but much like other roguelike games, it will be non-linear. Of course your quest will be filled with bosses, shops, and NPCs to help you along your way. And of course there will be loot. Lots and lots of loot.

Wishgranter also features the following features:

  • Procedurally Generated Dungeons – Created with a mix of Hand-crafted Challenge & Treasure rooms as well as Procedurally Generated Rooms – No Dungeon is ever the same!
  • Strategic Combat – Skill based combat, Limited Resources and Unforgiving Enemies make you think twice about how you approach a fight.
  • Permadeath – Once you die in battle, your hero is lost forever, Leaving you with a new hero, Unskilled & Unequipped.
  • External Progression – With each hero’s progress in the dungeons, The Town & story are progressed as well as changing the Dungeons themselves!
  • Endless Loot – Procedurally Generated Weapons, Armor, Potions and much much more!

RunWTheWolves has captured that retro roguelike charm that you find with the greats of the genre such as The Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon. The animations on the hero and monsters look great (especially death scenes) and the chiptune soundtrack fits in perfectly with the old school menace found in the trailer. I can honestly say that Wishgranter is now on my radar.

So if you like what you see as well, you can upvote the game and grant a wish to another indie dev trying to make it on Greenlight.

The Steam trailer is available below: