PS4 Exclusive The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 Gets New 1080p Screenshots: New Characters and More

PS4 Exclusive The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 Gets New 1080p Screenshots: New Characters and More

Today Nippon Ichi Software sent in a press release including a large batch of new screenshots and info The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2, that will be released in Japan on February 23rd exclusively for PS4.

We get to meet two new characters, Prim and Isabelle. Both are awakened witches. Prim is the strongest among them, seen as extremely dangerous by the anti-witch organization WR. She is a control freak, and she attack villages to dominate the villagers with the power of her third eye.

Isabelle has a dull personality, but she also comes with poisonous breath, while those who look into her third eye are said to go crazy.

We also see a few of the “facets” that Hundred Knights can use in combat, switching his attack patterns dynammically. Wonder knight his his balanced stance, similar to the first game. Power is a tank facet with high blunt damage and physical defense. Margenal is vulnerable to physical attack but can deal high ranged magical damage. Shinobi is the assassin facet. While physical defense is low, offensive power is high, and depending on the technique used it’s possible to fight while neutralizing the enemy.

Trick Screamer has low attack and defense, but can control thralls named Tochka (they’re the blue thingies in the gallery) and buff them, on top of attacks that inflict status aliments. Noble has overwhelming attack and can master a variety of weapons, however defense and resistances is low, so it’s susceptible to damage from special attacks.

When Hundred Knights uses ordinary or special attacks or evades, the mystical gauge fills up, and when it’s full you can press triangle to activate the third eye, dealing damage to all surrounding enemies while abilities like attack speed, movement speed and attack power will be raised temporarily.

By accumulating Tochka, Hundred Knights can then control them when he is in the Trick Screamer facet. There are seven kinds of Tochka, Series 1, Series 8, Series 10, Series 16, Series 24, Series 42 and Series 52.

At the home base, you can use a training room that can improve Hundreds Knights’ weapons and armor by consuming unwanted items, or give weapons new abilities by using “catalyst” items.

He can also store dropped items in his stomach, but if he dies in battle before returning home, he will lose some of them. At the base it’s also possible to access the “witch petition feature,” gaining different benefits by dedicating mana gathered in battle. It lets the player unlock powerful items like new kinds of Tochka or catalysts.

You can check out all the screenshots below, and in case you missed it, you can also watch the first trailer and a nice batch of gameplay.