The Witcher 3’s Geralt is Re-Imagined as a Samurai in This Gorgeous Figurine

The Witcher 3’s Geralt is Re-Imagined as a Samurai in This Gorgeous Figurine

CD Projekt Red's new Ronin-themed Geralt figurine on their online store scratches a nerdy itch many of us didn't know we even had.

If you ever thought: how cool would The Witcher 3‘s Geralt look as a samurai? Well wonder no more as CD Projekt Red’s new online store features an absolutely jaw-dropping figurine that re-imagines the protagonist as a Rōnin monster hunter.

According to the description on the official page: “Set in the Koyasan Cemetery in Japan, the scene depicts Geralt preparing to fight the local Oni — or demons. Accompanied and guided by a friendly Tatarimokke spirit, the witcher will need to use every trick in his arsenal to prevail.”

Rafał Jaki, CDPR’s business director, spoke at length about the origins of the figure design. “When I’ve spoken with Japanese gamers, I often hear that in many ways Geralt is almost like a character from an old Japanese folk tale about ‘yokai,’ or folk monsters. He is bound by a codex, but he has to break it in order to be true to himself — that’s a traditional dilemma for a Japanese hero.

“The inspiration for the figure’s was Okunoin Cemetery, we also used Jizō statues that in the Buddhist tradition symbolize taking care of children (including those unborn). Finally, the owl is a lesser-known yokai called Tatarimokke — it’s a spirit of dead infants, so it connects with The Witcher 3‘s botchling mythos.”

The actual character design work was done by CDPR artists Jan Marek and Marek Madej, while the 3D model used to craft the statue was done by Marco Plouffe.

A follow-up statue is already in the planning stages for Ciri and she’ll be portrayed in the same Japanese style. I’m incredibly excited to see what the talented artists will have in store for us with their next hand-crafted figurine. If you’re interested in the process, the video below details it completely.

There’s plenty of other fan content for The Witcher 3 as we have an impressive Geralt cosplay, an excellent fan-made film series, and a fan who creates lovely toy dioramas including for aforementioned title.

You can purchase The Witcher 3 for PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

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