Witness Atrocitus's Rage in the Latest Infinite Crisis Trailer

By Allisa James

May 28, 2014

Atrocitus, leader of the Red Lantern Corps. makes his way into Infinite Crisis as the latest Champion. One of five survivors of the Manhunters’ horrific massacre, Atrocitus helped form a terrorist group that was eventually captured and imprisoned. Unable to hold in his boiling rage, he killed the other four members and fashioned the Red Lantern.

Atrocitus is an enforcer type who deals great damage and shrugs it off in equal measures. His passive is Red Lantern’s Rage, which damages nearby foes and turns his HP meter into a Rage meter that fills when damaged. When the meter is at half or more, his skills become enraged.

Crimson Slash grants additional power damage and slows enemy movements. If enraged, this effect is applied to all nearby enemies. Come at me causes all drones to target Atrocitus and reduces damage taken from them. When enraged, this move greatly increases the frequency of Red Lantern’s Rage. Overwhelming Charge enrages an enemy and forces them to charge, as well as roots them and deals power damage. His ultimate is Plasma Wave, which increases enemy’s incoming damage and deals power damage over time.

Watch the trailer below for full details on Atrocitus and his playstyle. For more on the game, including all of the Champion Profile videos showcasing the heroes and villains in the game, check out our Infinite Crisis news.

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