Arc System Works RPG Wizard's Symphony Releases on February 28th in Japan; First Trailer Revealed

Arc System Work's dungeon crawler RPG, Wizard's Symphony for PS4 and Switch gets a release date in Japan, first teaser trailer.

By Iyane Agossah

November 1, 2018

Today, Arc System Works revealed the release date for its upcoming dungeon-crawling RPG, Wizard’s Symphony. The game releases in Japan for Switch and PlayStation 4 on February 28th 2019. The game was initially planned for a “2018” release but got delayed since. A new teaser trailer for the game was also published. The game’s official site opened as well.

Arc System Works initially announced the game in April 2018, and describes it as a “Dramatic Dungeon RPG”. Wizard’s Symphony takes place in a typical sword and sorcery fantasy world which includes multiple humanoid species like elves, beastmen and androids. The setting is a town called Kazan, the only vestige left of the great magical Gransca empire which suddenly perished 1000 years ago. We play as Alto Traverse, who works as a “Conductor”, someone who guides adventurers into old ruins.

The trailer starts with a summary of the game’s setting, followed by an introduction of Alto and his ten possible party members. Including Alto, five characters can participate in battles. The battle system also includes the “Harmonics” system, where the party members’ performance can be influenced by their relationships. The game also has many CG illustrations for the various story events, cut-ins during battles, and is at least partly voiced. First print copies will include the original soundtrack.

The game’s character designer, Moo-san, was quite active in the late ’90s, most notably on the Konohana visual novel series. As Moo-san kept their particular way of drawing, the chara designs for Wizard’s Symphony has a typical nineties anime feel to them. The nineties had many different character design style, most of which are pretty different from current ones. The eighties were even better in that aspect, and is considered as the golden era of character designs by many old anime fans.

Wizard’s Symphony is the latest game in the Wizards Harmony series, whose first game released for PlayStation 1 in 1995. While I never played the series myself, I’m really looking forward to this new episode. I hope Arc System Works will release the game outside of Japan as well.

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