Wolfenstein II Gets New Gameplay Footage Showcasing the Intro, the Zitadelle Boss Battle, and the Roswell Chapter

Wolfenstein II Gets New Gameplay Footage Showcasing the Intro, the Zitadelle Boss Battle, and the Roswell Chapter

Experience some intense action, tour 1960's Nazi-occupied Roswell, New Mexico, witness the Zitadelle boss battle, and see some familiar faces in new footage of upcoming PS4, Xbox One, and PC game: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Today, developer MachineGames and publisher Bethesda released a healthy slab of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus gameplay footage — the same footage we played for our latest preview — that not only shows off the opening 20 minutes of the game, but over 30 minutes of the Roswell Chapter, which takes place later in the game.

As covered in our above-mentioned preview, the introduction chapter, the opening 20 minutes-ish of the game, features BJ Blazkowicz broken, nearly dead, and only able to get around via a wheelchair. But wheelchair or not — Terror Billy is a killing a machine, and the opening 20 minutes demonstrates this with a relentless amount of wheelchair executions that range from brutal to kinda funny. The opening 20 minutes — among many other things — also showcases some familiar faces, including Blazkowicz’s love, the expecting Anya Oliwa and the unsettling and unhinged Irene Engel.

As for the Roswell chapter, well it takes BJ to Roswell New Mexico, which is famous for the Roswell UFO incident and is perhaps the unofficial UFO phenomena capital of the world. Including talks of crazy alien conspiracies, the chapter features more non-stop intense shooting action, but also demonstrates the game’s tone and atmosphere really well: with a Nazi twist on classic 60’s America, featuring KKK members, stereotypical diners, and more. The chapter notably concludes with a rather epic Zitadelle Boss Battle as well.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is scheduled to hit digital and retail store shelves on October 27th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Starting at $59.99 USD, the game will notably be available in a variety of editions, including a classic GI-Joe-themed Collector’s Edition for $99.99 USD. Additionally, an official art book from Dark Horse will also be available near launch.

Bethesda have also confirmed a season pass supporting three DLC packs, as well as that your choices from the first game will carry over into Wolfenstein II.

Below, you can check out all the new footage for yourself– and for our hands-on impressions be sure to check out our preview linked above.