Wolfenstein: The Board Game Kickstarter Destroys Funding Goal

Wolfenstein: The Board Game Kickstarter Destroys Funding Goal

BJ Blazkowicz and crew are coming to a tabletop near you as the Wolfenstein: The Board Game Kickstarter crushes its $50,000 funding goal.

Today, Archon Studio launched its Wolfenstein: The Board Game Kickstarter. In just a few hours, the Poland-based tabletop game maker reached its funding goal of $50,000.

As of this writing, there are 1,636 backers with $229,249 pledged for the Wolfenstein: The Board Game Kickstarter, and it keeps climbing. If you want to support the project, the campaign will run until April 28, 2020, at 5:00 PM PT.

There are a total of four support tiers. The first is to simply support it for whatever amount you choose with no reward. The $1 tier will keep you up to date with news and production updates. The $120 tier gets you Wolfenstein: The Board Game, the Old Blood and All-Stars expansions, and anything included in the project’s stretch goals. Lastly, the $229 tier will get you everything from the $120 tier plus the plastic terrain set. You can check out all the details here.

Wolfenstein: The Board Game is a tabletop experience of the classic first-person shooter video game. Bringing characters from both Wolfenstein 3D and the recent franchise reboots, the board game allows you to storm Castle Wolfenstein and take out Nazis by going in guns blazing or stealthily.

The base game will come with 182 cards, 16 map tiles, and 55 miniatures. This includes B.J. Blazkowicz, Anya Oliwa, Max Hass, Set Roth, Klaus Kreutz, and Bombate hero miniatures, and Mecha-Hitler, Adolf Hitler, Professor Solomon Bevli, and Gen. Oscar Von Grim boss miniatures. The Old Blood expansion includes 87 cards, 12 map tiles, and 23 miniatures to further your tabletop adventures in Castle Wolfenstein.

Those who back Wolfenstein: The Board Game within the first 48 hours of its Kickstarter campaign will receive a free bonus Hans Grosse miniature. If you have no idea who Hans Grosse is, he is the Nazi with two chain guns for hands in Wolfenstein 3D.

There isn’t a release date for Wolfenstein: The Board Game just yet. But if you want to be BJ Blazkowicz right now, both Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus are available now.