Arkane Veterans Announce WolfEye Studios, New Game to be Announced at The Game Awards

Arkane Veterans Announce WolfEye Studios, New Game to be Announced at The Game Awards

WolfEye Studios is a new studio created by Arkane veterans and is to reveal an upcoming game during The Game Awards next month in December.

Back in 2017, Raphael Colantonio, the founder and former president of Arkane Studios departed after putting 18 years into it. His statement mentioned that he wished to “spend some time with my son and reflect on what is important to me and my future.” As of today, both Colantonio and another Arkane veteran have announced a brand new studio.

Raphael Colantonio and Julien Roby have announced WolfEye Studios, and plan to announce their first title at The Game Awards that takes place in December.

Julien Roby has been the executive producer behind Dishonored as well as a senior producer for Mafia III. According to GamesIndustry, it took Roby leaving Arkane and new experiences at places such as 2K to make him “pine for the kinds of games he really wanted to make.”

When discussing leaving Arkane, Colantonio said that while it was like heaven to work there, he needed a break, “I needed a break. It had been 18 years in the same room, and I needed to define myself. There was a bit of an identity thing going on. Who am I without Arkane? That was a very important step to my growth.”

The new studio looks to be focusing on responding to player actions where the world surrounding the player reacts. “It was what we wanted to get back to rather than being constantly distracted by the complexity of doing games which are technically more involved, and little by little your focus in development moves away from the actual experience toward technicalities which in the end don’t change the experience much.”

WolfEye Studios Teaser

The two voiced their concern surrounding games these days going for graphical and technical improvements, and that they wish to create a game that looks good, but allows them to work on making an experience for the player. Colantonio brings up past examples in which the character creation for one project would take about three months to make, but as technology and budgets increased, it was taking six months to create a graphically better character. He mentions that that sort of development leads to less flexibility to make changes.

WolfEye is apparently a small, flexible, and remote team and currently all distributed with plans to stay this way for the foreseeable future. At current, the team is under 20 employees and Colantonio states that because the team is small doesn’t mean they will be making small games, but that they can make big games while focusing on the right areas.

They haven’t released any information surrounding the new game except that Arkane fans shouldn’t expect another Dishonored. There’s also a strong sense of passion being put into the game as the GamesIndustry article seems to suggest. VG247 also ran an interview with Colantonio, and at one point he says “If you push triple-A to its limits, it’s going to be less interactive and more impressive, and so it goes against what I’m trying to achieve.”

We’ll learn more about WolfEye Studios upcoming game and possibly the planned platforms when it’s revealed next month during The Game Awards.