Women of Xal Hopes that X Marks the Spot with Kickstarter

Women of Xal Hopes that X Marks the Spot with Kickstarter

The ProjectTrinity Team recently launched a Kickstarter for their visual novel Women of Xal. They’re hoping to raise $10,000 USD for a December 2018 PC release. With 60% of the goal already met, a playable demo, and a Steam Greenlight campaign, it seems that they’re doing quite well so far.

The game takes place in the universe of Xal where a young protege, Xjena, is hoping to inherit everything from a business mogul, Xuna Xaovant. Aside from loving X’s, this tycoon owns an all-male brothel, which is tied to the matriarchal world of Xal.

However, 5 other women are also competing to take Lady Xuna’s business empire. The ’employees’ at the brothel will also interact with Xjena, challenging her preconceptions about their forced work at the brothel. The player’s choices will affect their relationships with friends and foes and can either focus on climbing the political ladder to secure power or seeking out friendships and intimacy beyond that.

Beyond this, Women of Xal will provide players with:

  • Voice Acting from an experienced cast
  • Animated Backgrounds in a distinctive art direction
  • Optional relationships that affect the storyline + Branching options leading to several unique scenarios each play-through
  • Morality System with several shades of gray; the “right thing” may hurt more than it helps. And you’ll have to live with those decisions.
  • 3 Endings with variations based on player choice and unique scenarios
  • Secret Endings that take understanding the game’s lore and narrative to figure out how to unlock.

Most of the stretch goals on the project focus on more voice acting ($15,000 and 40,000 USD) and animations for the characters ($20,000 and $25,000 USD). 3D animations occupies the top tiers of these post extras and additional romance options sits near the middle at $32,000 USD.

The story here is an interesting inversion of the usual female harem trope and the conflicts found within vying for power via business should be fruitful. The art looks nice and sharp but the team’s mysterious obsession with the letter X is a bit odd. A demo is always a welcome bonus when it comes to crowdfunding and I encourage everyone to check it out before you choose whether to donate or not.

The campaign ends on March 2nd and the game is planned to launch on PC (hopefully Steam) by the end of 2018. You can check out the Kickstarter trailer below.