Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World Is a Full Remake Of Wonder Boy Monster World IV, Coming to Steam Too

Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World is also coming to Steam alongside PS4, Switch. It's a Remake of Monster World IV, released in 1994 on Mega Drive in Japan.

By Iyane Agossah

August 26, 2020

The official Japanese press release for Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World is out, confirming for the first time the game is a remake. We translated the details below.

Wonder Boy Monster World IV was the final game of the Wonder Boy series, released on Mega Drive by Sega on April 1, 1994. Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World is a full remake of this entry, launching early 2021 on PC via Steam, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.


The story takes place in Monster World and features Asha, a rookie warrior who ends up dragged in a incident which will decide the fate of the kingdom: The four spirits have been kidnapped by invaders trying to conquer the world. Asha is ordered by Queen Prapuril to save the spirits. After meeting the mysterious creature, Pepelogoo, in the royal capital Rapadarna, Asha begins her adventure. Asha will need to combine her strength with Pepelogoo to overcome the trials she will face. Will they be able to save the world?

Action gameplay with Asha and Pepelogoo

Like in the original Mega Drive game, Asha will be able to use Pepelogoo for various actions in the remake. Such as making Pepelogoo stay on a switch to keep it pushed. Or being able to double jump while carrying Pepelogoo.

RPG Elements

Like in past Wonder Boy games, Asha will earn money by defeating enemies. You can buy swords, shields, bracelets and other equipment and items at the shops in Rapadarna. You’ll need to keep upgrading Asha’s equipment as you’ll face stronger and stronger monsters.

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Additional Details

Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World will be available in Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional).

It’s also important to note that the Japanese press release doesn’t say that the game is “fully-voiced” unlike IGN’s first reveal, simply that it’ll “include” voices. And that Asha’s seiyuu will be revealed later.

Lastly, the press release states this remake is thanks to the recent renewed popularity of the Wonder Boy series thanks to its recent new entries and remakes, and how many fans asked for a remake of Monster World IV.

Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World is developed by the old staff of Weston Bit Entertainment Inc:

The game will be single player only like the original. Some gameplay will be shown at the Gamescom Awesome Indies Showacase on August 29.

Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World was first announced on August 24.

Personally peaking, all of this sounds pretty exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing Asha in 3D. Still betting her seiyuu will be either Satomi Koorogi or Mika Kanai.

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Video Trailers

Back 4 Blood - PC Trailer
DEATHLOOP – Official Pre-Order Trailer
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