Word to Your Moogle: Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Moogle is All That and a Gil-sack

on January 6, 2012 10:15 AM

Final Fantasy XIII-2 releases in North America later this month, and Sqaure Enix wants you to know that the franchise’s iconic Moogle is back, and more powerful than you could ever imagine. Or something like that.

With a design more closely based on earlier-series Moogles, Mog (yes, they named him Mog!) will help Serah and Noel find and obtain hard-to reach treasure, time the opportunity for you to get a preemptive strike in against enemies via the Mog Clock, and even let himself get thrown around. This adorable little bundle of fluff and goodness also transforms into Serah’s weapon. Now that is a Moogle.

Check out Mog’s own special trailer after the jump!

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