What Is The Wordle Answer Today? #378 Hints & Tips For Saturday, July 2

If you find yourself making a "fowl" guess on Wordle's July 2 puzzle, we've got all the hints you might need to nail the final answer!

July 2, 2022

The weekend has found its way back again, and it’s the perfect time to chill out with a new Wordle puzzle for July 2. Though you might’ve relaxed your brain a bit after a hard week, it’s time for a new little challenge to keep your brain sharp!

Word puzzles have long been popular for their ability to playfully test the limits of language and explore its more obscure elements – and Wordle is no different. It’s a fantastic way to expand your vocabulary, all while having a fun and satisfying experience. Educational games can often be seen as “kid games,” but Wordle shows the true value of educational games across all ages.


We’ve got hints and tips for today’s Wordle, so keep reading below for a gentle nudge in the right direction. Here’s everything you need to know for the Wordle July 2 puzzle!

Wordle Hints & Tips For Saturday, July 2

Today’s word is a bit of an obscure one. This word is not commonly used in everyday conversation, making it a bit tricky to guess. Though, if you’re an animal lover, you may be in luck.

This word is the name of a type of bird. Large, with majestic stark white feathers, these birds typically have black or yellow beaks. They’re extremely similar to herons, residing by both salt and fresh water.

What makes this word extra tricky is its spelling. It’s got two of the same letter incorporated into it, for a total of four unique letters. If you’re still scratching your head, here’s a further hint – the word has two of the same vowel.

For our last hint, the Wordle July 2 answer begins with an “E“ and ends with a “T“.

What Is The Wordle Answer Today? (Saturday, July 2)

The answer to July 2’s Wordle puzzle is “EGRET.”

As previously mentioned, these birds are incredibly similar to herons. Also a majestic water bird, they hunt their prey by standing perfectly immobile unit the perfect time to strike. Fun fact – they sometimes stand so still that they can peacefully ride atop alligators!

How many guesses did it take you to reach “egret”? We hope our guide was helpful! Tune back in tomorrow for another Wordle puzzle – and don’t worry, we’ll be here with updated hints for the final answer reveal. Wordle will update at midnight your local time.

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