Wordspionage Brings Spying and Sabotage To Word Games

on February 20, 2014 9:07 AM

Napland Games thinks your phone’s ordinary crossword-style word games are boring. But you know what isn’t boring? Spies. And they wouldn’t play word games by playing fair, no: they’d conduct surveillance, use misdirection, and activate double agents to steal valuable assets (hey, they play to win).

Napland Game’s Wordspionage is the realization of this scenario, a game that let’s players play hard when competing against their friends. Players will have at their disposal the ability to:

  • Use Surveillance to spy on your opponent’s tiles;
  • Switch one of your tiles with your opponent’s highest face value tile;
  • Flash Bomb the remaining multipliers on the game board, making them invisible and unavailable for your opponent for one turn;
  • Use Misdirection to shuffle the remaining multipliers on the game board;
  • Earn a Cover ID blank tile to use as any letter;
  • Sabotage your opponent by taking away half of the score earned in their last turn;
  • and use a Double Agent to steal half the score of your opponent’s last score and add it to your own.

Players can play up to three opponents in one game, choose the time limit and word guess limit per turn, and play up to 30 games simultaneously. Check out the teaser trailer, gameplay trailer and gallery below, and check out the Wordspionage website for more information and links to iTunes and the Google Play store, where the game is available on iOS and Android devices, respectively.

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