World of Final Fantasy Maxima's Director Hiroki Chiba Reveals New Party Member, Gameplay

World of Final Fantasy Maxima's Hiroki Chiba revealed on stream a new party member that joins after the ending, along with many spoiler-related additions.

Today, World of Final Fantasy Maxima director Hiroki Chiba revealed on stream multiple new additions of the game. The stream was announced a few days ago, when they revealed Zack, Serah, and Cecil.

The biggest reveal was a third playable character that joins Lann and Reynn’s party after clearing the game. The stream also featured live gameplay of the new bonus boss battles and the Noctis fishing mini-game.

Moreover, World of Final Fantasy Maxima collaborations with Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius have been announced. A dynamic PS4 theme of World of Final Fantasy Maxima will also be released along with the game.

Chiba-san also elaborated on why Maxima isn’t coming to Vita. He mentioned they tried their best to make it as DLC for Vita too, but they didn’t manage to do it because of memory and hardware problems. If you own the original game on Vita, you can buy Maxima on PS4 and transfer your Vita version save to it.

Please be aware that the new character’s identity is a spoiler if you haven’t finished the game, so their identity and other spoiler-related new features are listed last.

Here’s the full list of new features in Maxima shown on stream:

  • You can now carry 12 Mirages with you instead of 10.
  • a “Treasure Search” function unlocks after clearing the game, telling you if you’re close to a chest or not. This makes it easier to obtain the trophy for opening all chests in the game.
  • A “new game +” like mode, that allows you to restart the game with rare items.
  • A “Nightmare” difficulty mode which unlocks after clearing the game, making all monsters stronger.
  • The “avatar change” function which makes Lann or Reynn look like Final Fantasy characters during battles. The battle BGM also changes according to the Final Fantasy character used.
  • A new, extremely hard “EX Dungeon”.

Warning, below are spoiler-related new additions:

  • A new “Secret Ending”, which according to Chiba-san requires “secret” special requirements to unlock. A surefire way to unlock it is to 100% the game. Chiba-san implies it’ll tie into a possible sequel for the game, and that “you won’t be able to stop thinking about what could happen next” once you see it, even more than the original ending.
  • New sidequests, whose scenarios take place after the game’s ending, in the “new world which was created after the end of the game.”
  • After clearing the game, a new boss fight against a stronger version of final boss Brandelis will be unlocked.
  • After clearing the game, the summoner Hauyn will join your party as a third character. But you still only have two characters in battle. To use Hauyn, you must replace either Lann or Reynn. You can see gameplay with her starting at 16:43.
  • Enna Kros is a super boss, and is extremely hard even if you’re past level 90. You can see her boss battle starting at 21:28.
  • A new boss battle against Marilith, the sword-wielding female snake boss present in many Final Fantasy games since the original one. You can watch the fight at 39:58.
  • You can fish Leviathan in the Noctis fishing mini-game. You can see the mini-game starting at 59:34.
  • The “Archives of Hauyn” and new information will be available in the game’s encyclopedia after clearing it, revealing new details on Hauyn and Enna Kros.

You can watch the full stream below.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima releases on November 6th for Switch and Xbox One. All of its additional content will also be available via DLC for the Steam and PS4 original versions of the game. If you plan to get the Xbox One version, you can grab it on Amazon.

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