World in Conflict’s Small Community Were Able to Postpone Online Shutdown

on October 3, 2015 4:10 PM

World in Conflict isn’t exactly a host of a massive, thriving community. PC Gamer reports that a maximum of 125 players were online at one time, and that was peak activity for the past year. However, this didn’t stop the small community from petitioning the online shutdown, which was announced in April.

The shutdown was supposed to be on October 6, 2015, but a post on the Massgate forums yesterday announced the postponement to an undisclosed future date. This is a great success for dedicated players of World in Conflict who were able to rally 615 supporters for a petition, though short of the 1,000 requirement.

Hello everyone, We have decided to postpone the shutdown of Massgate and the servers as we are still investigating some potential community based solutions. No promises, but we are looking into it. We want to make sure all options are exhausted before we shut it down. Stay tuned for coming updates!  //Massive

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