Rose City Games and Viz Media's The World Next Door Gets Switch and PC Release Date

Rose City Games and Viz Media have announced that they will be releasing The World Next Door on PC, Mac, and Switch in March 2019.

By Steven Santana

February 19, 2019

The World Next Door will be releasing on Thursday, March 28, 2019 for PC and Mac via Steam,, GoG and Humble Bundle, as well as the Nintendo Switch, for $14.99

This narrative-focused, match-three game was announced last year and confirmed for Nintendo Switch during a Nindies showcase in August 2018. I got the chance to play it during the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in late October 2018 and the demo was short but a good introduction to what they were going for. A human falls into a monster world and befriends some fellow teens, discovers she can utilize magic and needs to find a way home before the portal between worlds closes.

Combat is handled by matching together various glyphs to restore your health or cast various offensive spells. Dialogue choices allow you to express yourself as you get to know the monster teens you’re with who each have their own personality. Your reputation, accrued by what you pick in dialogue, will have a bigger role in the full game than the short demo. The World Next Door comes from Rose City Games who have partnered with Viz Media (one of the major manga/anime distributors in the West) to bring this game to life. Rose City Games was founded after a Cartoon Network Game Jam in 2015 and they have gone on to do work on VR, AR, marketing, and tabletop production. The World Next Door will release on March 28, 2019 for PC, Mac, and the Nintendo Switch.

We’ve still got inside looks at the world of Emrys coming up before the portal officially opens. You’ll get to learn more about the Emryn language, about the masks of the Festival, and more.

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