World of Planes Dive Bombs the Aviation MMO Market

World of Planes Dive Bombs the Aviation MMO Market

Some wondered why (developer of the popular MMO World of Tanks) didn’t call their recently announced World of Warplanes simply World of Planes.  The answer to that question might be this simple: The name was probably already taken.

Gaijin Entertainment just opened the official website of their own World War II Aviation MMO, World of Planes.

Gaijin is a veteran player in the niche flight simulation market, having released Il-2 Sturmovik: Wings of Prey (and it’s enhanced PC version dubbed simply Wings of Prey), and already has an established and quite hardcore fanbase.

World of Planes seems to be a very ambitious project, promising a highly detailed and personalized aviation experience, hundreds of historically accurate planes with detailed cockpits and dozens of upgradeable weapons.

Another interesting aspect of the game is the promise that the action won’t only take place in the air, but also on the ground and on the sea, providing a complete World War II combat experience with tanks and warships, probably similar to what is available in the almost ancient MMO flight simulator Aces High.

Gaijin also released a nice array of screenshots, that you can see in the gallery below. The graphics of the game (possibly using the same engine that powers Birds of Prey) look quite fantastic, and the screenshots seem to hint to the fact that the player won’t only be able to pilot fighter planes, but also a range of recon planes and bombers.

There is no release date for World of Planes yet, but it’s already possible to sign up for the beta on the new official site.