World of Tanks Update 9.5 Released, Adds New British Armored Vehicles and Maps

on December 22, 2014 7:57 PM

Wargaming has released Update 9.5 for World of Tanks today, adding 10 new British armored vehicles and three new maps.

In Update 9.5, players can enjoy three new battlegrounds: the ruined settlement of Mittengard, Ghost Town and the snow-covered battlefield of Winterberg. Ten new British tanks have also been deployed to users, letting fans roll out the new tank destroyers Archer, Charioteer and the FV4005 Stage II. While the new tank destroyers may be impressive, the Sherman Firefly, Sherman II and Grant medium tanks and the M2 and Stuart I-IV light tanks also bring plenty of fire power into the fray.

In addition to the content update, the developer also announced that the new Personal Missions system will become available January 15th, 2015. Personal Missions allow players to test their skills by letting them select the mission they want to complete with no time limit. Upon completion, players will be rewarded with a variety of prizes including unique high-tier vehicles, medals and even female crew members.

You can enjoy the World of Tanks Update 9.5 now in North America and Europe, with players in Asia receiving the update on December 23rd and in Korea on December 30th.

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