World of Warcraft Concept Art — All of The Best Pieces Released From the Vault

Blizzard has opened the doors to its vault. Check out some of the cool World of Warcraft concept art they've shown off today.

February 8, 2021

Blizzard is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary in the run-up to BlizzConline next week. Today, they’ve taken the celebration to the next level by opening up their content vaults to give fans an inside look at early concept art for its biggest games. Of course, Blizzard had to shart plenty of World of Warcraft concept art as part of the event. Below, I’ve collected some of the best pieces for you to check out.

Okay, this one is so rad. This early look at the World of Warcraft interface is so quaint. Just look at how little is actually on the screen in this shot. That’s not even a quarter of all the information you’d need in today’s version of the game. And look at how simplistic the equipment interface is. I love this entirely too much.


They’ve also shared a bit of early art for different dwarfs. You can still see the weird infusion of tech that Blizzard always puts into its fantasy here. In the live game, the models are a little less detailed nowadays, but this is still an awesome test case.

Technically, this one comes from Heroes of the Storm, but I can’t not share concept art for Stitches. Imagining the abomination from Duskwood running around WoW in his swimming trunks is just phenomenal. Unfortunately, that version of the character only exists in HOTS.

This is just a taste of all the World of Warcraft concept art Blizzard has sat in its vaults. Hopefully, over the next few days, we’ll get even more doled out to us. Either way, make sure to check back next week to see what’s announced at BlizzConline.


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