This World of Warcraft Lich King Cosplay Will Get You Ready for BlizzCon

This World of Warcraft Lich King Cosplay Will Get You Ready for BlizzCon

This World of Warcraft Lich King cosplay is sure to turn heads. It's the first of many quality cosplays we'll likely see during BlizzConline.

With BlizzConline only a short week away, fans are starting to get into the spirit. Obviously, there have plenty of rumors out there, but it’s much more than just that. In fact, with this year’s BlizzCon happening online, we’re seeing tons of fans create their own Blizzard cosplay. None are more impressive than the World of Warcraft Lich King cosplay that Reddit user sarahdeamakesthings crafted. It’s a stunning work of art that belongs on a movie set. Give it a look below.

Lich King cosplay I made for my husband! from wow

Of course, stellar cosplay is nothing new for BlizzCon. Every year, the cosplay competition impresses attendees with all kinds of amazing cosplays. Whether it’s the World of Warcraft guy from South Park or a truly incredible version of Hogger, the BlizzCon show is a must-watch event every year.

While we obviously won’t have the stage show this year, creations like this should satisfy your need to see awesome cosplays. Most impressively, this entire thing was made by hand. There’s no 3D printing here. What you’re seeing is someone who is ridiculously skilled at bending EVA floor mats and foam clay to their will. Yes, it’s taken them thousands of hours over the course of a year, but the fruits of the labor make it more than worth it. Not many people can claim they’ve created a movie-quality replica of a famous video game character.

Unfortunately, this particular Reddit user doesn’t have any other content for me to send you to. Hopefully, this is just the start of good things out of them. That said, there are sure to be plenty of new cosplays popping up in the next week. BlizzConline kicks off on February 19. Make sure to check back to see what gets announced at the event.