World of Warcraft Recruit-A-Friend Program

World of Warcraft Recruit-A-Friend Program

width="552"Have that one friend who has never played World of Warcraft? Yes, it is hard to believe that some people haven’t even tried it. But now Activision-Blizzard have announced a few rewards that might just get gamers to bring friends along for their adventure in Azeroth. Sign up for the Recruit-A-Friend program and you can earn:

•An exclusive X-53 Touring Rocket, World of Warcraft’s first two-passenger flying mount, when your friend pays for 60 days of subscription time.

•30 days of FREE World of Warcraft game time when your friend pays for 30 days of subscription time.

Also, from the moment your friend creates a character and starts adventuring with you (including the trial period), both of you will receive these additional in-game benefits:

•You and your friend will earn triple experience when grouped together.

•For every two levels of experience your friend earns, they can grant one level of experience to any one of your characters of lower level.

•You and your friend will have the ability to summon each other from any point in the world.

Not a bad deal for either party. To learn more about the Recruit-A-Friend program, check out . And tell Mr. T that the DualShockers Team sent you!