World of Warcraft’s Next Huge Patch – Rise of Azshara – Launches June 25

World of Warcraft’s Next Huge Patch – Rise of Azshara – Launches June 25

World of Warcraft's latest major patch Rise of Azshara launches June 25. The mini-expansion adds two new zones, a raid, a megadungeon, and tons of content.

Battle for Azeroth is the latest expansion for MMO giant World of Warcraft. The game’s seventh expansion came out in August of last year. From the jump, fans were less than happy with the newest content out of Blizzard. The developers have been working away at a new patch that feels more like a mini-expansion for a while now and we finally have the release date. WoW fans can look forward to Rise of Azshara coming out later this month. Check out today’s features trailer below.

For a Warcraft patch, the amount of content coming in Rise of Azshara is staggering. Players are getting two brand new zones to quest through in Nazjatar and Mechagon (which looks particularly fun). Patch 8.2 also adds a new raid and megdungeon that should provide ample end-game content for veteran players.

The team has also done a lot of work on the controversial Heart of Azeroth/ Azerite system. The new Essence system should open things up and provide players with more interesting decisions to make. It will be interesting to see how the playbase takes to this new customization system. Especially given how fierce the initial Azerite backlash was.

Rise of Azshara adds tons of other things for players to collect and find. Players will finally get access to flying in all of the new zones along with a whole host of new mounts (the Mechacycle looks amazing). There are also over 90 new battle pets, two new sets of heritage armor, and tons more.

If you’re a World of Warcraft fan who has fallen off, this might be a great place to jump back in. Blizzard is trying to bring back players after a less than stellar BFA launch and it looks like they’ve thrown the kitchen sink at them. Rise of Azshara is out on PC June 25.