World of Warcraft Shadowlands Update Shows Off Covenants and More

Today's World of Warcraft Shadowlands developer stream confirmed that the game will launch this fall, even if they "have to do it from home."

World of Warcraft Shadowlands held a new developer update today, which discussed several topics WoW fans are surely interested in. The main focus was on some of the endgame content, with covenants getting the majority of the talking time. There’s a lot to get into. If you’re so inclined, give the full video a watch. Or just read some of the highlights below.

Probably the biggest news out of today’s event is that World of Warcraft Shadowlands will officially launch this fall. Activision-Blizzard still doesn’t have a firm release date, but at least fans know that it’s coming this year. Additionally, the beta is kicking off next week, so keep an eye out for invites if you’re hoping to jump in.

While the team is obviously still working hard to iron out the details, the beta is feature complete. The level cap is now 60. Thus, players can check out most of the endgame content. This includes the four new covenants. These play a huge role in the overall game and will be “character-defining.”

Once you choose a covenant, you’ll unlock new abilities, cosmetics, and other rewards. However, you’ll also get a selection of soulbinds. These let you pair your soul with characters you meet to strengthen your character. It’s an intriguing system that should provide fun ways to build out new characters.

Each covenant will eventually come with its own campaign to play through and a sanctum for covenant members. At the sanctum, players can take part in activities like the new Adventures, which are an evolution of the mission system. This go-around, sending out your allies is a bit more involved, making it something many players might engage with on the game’s companion app.

That’s just the tip of the Shadowlands iceberg. The team gave us an in-depth look at everything coming with the expansion. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait long to see it. As mentioned above, the beta drops next week, which should give us a better idea of the expansion’s potential.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands releases this fall on PC.

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