World of Warcraft Has Added a Tribute to the Late Stan Lee In-Game

The legendary Mr.Stan Lee, who passed away last November aged 95, has been immortalized as an NPC in World Of Warcraft, and is seen happily walking around yelling Excelsior!

January 10, 2019

Blizzard has paid tribute to the late great Marvel Comics’ writer, Stan Lee by adding him into World Of Warcraft as an NPC.  With the new v8.1.5 patch launching in the public test realm, players can spot Stan wandering around the keep in Stormwind.

Stanley, as he is known in-game, comes kitted out with Alliance armor, his famous grey mustache, those infamous dark sunglasses and also randomly screams out “Excelsior,” which is Stan Lee’s most famous catchphrase. Mr. Lee passed in November at the grand age of 95 years old and he was still keeping up appearances right up to the end, always making time for his many devoted fans.

Stan has made many other cameos in video games including LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and of course his unforgettable appearance in Marvel’s Spider-Man where he tells Mary-Jane that “I love seeing you two together again. You were always my favorite.”

While the Alliance version of Stan Lee has been the only one noticed so far, Wowhead has unearthed another two Stanley’s within the games files. One being in a normal plainclothes outfit with a black shirt and the other showcasing red armor with spikes in the shoulders.

You can check out Wowhead’s video encapsulating Stanley as he walks around happily yelling Excelsior! Let us know if you happen to spot him too on your travels around World Of Warcraft in the comments below or on our official DualShockers Twitter page.

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