World of Warcraft to Recieve Audio Drama in Lead Up to Legion Expansion

on July 23, 2016 11:31 AM

Recently Blizzard Entertainment announced changes coming to World of Warcraft in the weeks leading up to its sixth expansion Legion. What we didn’t know was that Blizzard had planned an audio drama to release prior to August 30.

Revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con panel, “Warcraft: The Road to Legion,” Blizzard announced that beginning August 1, they will release an audio drama, titled Tomb of Sargeras, which will serve as a setup to the new expansion, providing important lore with iconic music and effects from World of Warcraft. The drama will tell the story of how iconic Warcraft character, Guldan, opens a portal to Azeroth, allowing a demon army to flow through and attack their world.

The drama will release over four episodes which will be available in the form of free podcasts. Subscribing to Tomb of Sargeras on iTunes and other media platforms allows listeners to access a preview of the first episode before premiering on August 1.

Blizzard’s director of story and creative development, James Waugh, has commented “if the community likes it, we’ll probably try to do more.” prompting the possibility of more audio dramas in the future.