World of Warcraft Turns Five

By Yaris Gutierrez

November 23, 2009

Today marks the fifth year anniversary for Blizzard’s MMO, World of Warcraft. I have to tip my hat off to these guys for keeping World of Warcraft afloat as long as they did, and for perpetuating the success of the series after five years of consistent evolution. To mark their fifth year anniversary, Blizzard will be giving players who log on this week a cute little Onyxian Whelpling pet. After logging in, players will receive an achievement titled “WoW’s 5th Anniversary” and mail which will include the adorable looking cross-eyed Whelpling.

For the past three weeks, Blizzard also had sweepstakes to mark the five year anniversary. The sweepstakes will run for five weeks consecutively in which winners will be chosen to receive prizes. For week one, folks won the infamous World of Warcraft Charge of the Great Dragonflights stein; during week two, winners won a pair of gaming glasses (which do look pretty sexy, I must say); and this week a bunch of lucky bastards got their hands on an NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 graphics card by ASUS. Winners are randomly selected from a different group of accounts based on how long they’ve been playing the game. So, for the next two weeks, there might be a chance that you win something from the folks over at Blizzard. Don’t you just love when these guys do events? I can only imagine their parties…

I will admit that I still, from time to time, play WoW. Although some people do curse the game for its addictive properties, WoW still manages to bring fresh content and entertainment on a consistent basis, which is why it has the following it has. Most MMOs fail to sustain their burning embers of enjoyment after so long. Blizzard has shown that with great support and dedication to the community, games can last the experience of a lifetime. Congrats to Blizzard Entertainment on their five year anniversary! And I better win something in the next two weeks or I’m going to punch a random animal (maybe a sheep) in the face.

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